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By Miriam Stimpfl

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I bought this nightstand about one year ago, out of only one reason: I wanted my cat to sit on the glass-shelve, so I can look at his fluffy belly and paws from underneath. I know, it’s a pretty adult thing to do, right? I was truly disappointed, when I found out, that he won’t do me that favor and so it became my nightstand. 

Before that, I had one of these cliche cardboard boxes from Ikea beneath my bedside, like probably every student on this planet, only that I’m not a student, but it bended by the weigh of more than 4 books, a glass of water and 3 chocolate bars, so it wasn’t the best solution for me anyways. Not to mention, that there were so many water marks on it, it looked like the cat peed on it, more than once. 

My actual nightstand is bamboo wooden and not only much easier to clean, it’s also way more perfect in the book storage game too, cause it has two shelves, which means double space and double space is literally always a good thing. It looks very nice too, and the first few days I’ve got it, I thought it still smelled like fresh out of the wood, but I probably just imagined it, cause it sounds better than “fresh out of the IKEA storage unit.” 


As I really dig the minimalistic lifestyle, there are not many things on the upper shelve of my nightstand, only my nightly essentials, like the book I read at the moment („Der Junge bekommt das Gute zuletzt“ from Dirk Stermann, a german late-night show host and writer), a glass of water, the case of my glasses and a plant, cause I like waking up to something green and fresh.

At the moment I’m in one of my lack of concentration-phases, in which I’m not able to read more than a few pages of a book, without either falling asleep or thinking about something completely different, like my to-do list or that I've been wanting to visit Lisbon as soon as I can-- I love it’s pretty tiles. Yeah, I know. These phases come and go and when they’re gone, I’m so happy about it, that I fall into 5 books one after another. 


On the under shelve there are all my not-read-yet-but-soon-I-will books, which are:

Wenns schneit beim Krokodil by Monique Schwitter
Die Gierigen by Karine Tuil
Superposition by Kat Kaufmann
The Bricks that Built the Houses by Kate Tempest
bleiben by Judith W. Taschler
Dunkel, fast Nacht by Joanna Bator


Miriam lives and works in Berlin. For more books, cats, and Berlin find her here

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