About women who read, for women who read.




Because girls who read grow up to be women who read.

Little girls who are read to, who grow up in homes where books abound and adults read, grow up to be women who read. When girls first encounter a library in their school, neighborhood, or city, they discover both treasure and sanctuary.

Girls learn early that they don't need money, or designer clothes, or a wealthy family, to enter a library and choose from all the valuables inside. The door is always open, the price nothing more than a library card.

We chose the name Girls at Library in honor of the moment a young person discovers the joy of books and the gift of reading. GAL covers women readers at different stages of their lives, but one thing nearly all have in common is that they were once girls in love with books and with reading. We hope that by using the word girls, instead of women, we might help the next generation of young girls to start reading and keep reading.


Because girls who read become women who read.
And women who read are empowered people.