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We asked past interviewees what they’re giving to loved ones this holiday season. From books to blankets, there’s something for everyone here.



“I’ll be gifting a BFF Anne Truitt's Daybook (NOT from Amazon) paired with Otherwild's Gay Power hat.” - Alyse ronayne

senior culture writer at huffington post


founder and owner of jeni’s ice cream & writer

“I am fascinated by the story of Ona Judge, a woman born into slavery who escaped from her owners—Martha and George Washington––THEN EXISTED as a fugitive for the rest of her life. the Washingtons pursued her until their deaths. THIS BOOK IS EXACTLY THE kind of American history I identify with AND WANT TO READ. remembering the people who operated in the shadows to advance freedom for all is just as integral to our history. This young woman was so brave, so strong-willed, and has become my hero. We need these stories now more than ever.

I love art that inspires fantasy thought and Deedee Cheriel's art does that for me. Her art prints are full of life and color and humanity. I love to see them in my rooms. My favorite piece simply says "You Have All You Need" and I look at it daily as a reminder that I do. To me, it’s about having everything I need to start something — it’s about not waiting. For others, the sentiment is different and about slowing down. Either way you look at it, you can't go wrong!” - Jeni Britton Bauer


co-founder and chief strategist at red antler

author & writer

“I seem to have acquired hand-me-down copies of Rebecca from no less than three older female relatives. Rebecca is great, but there's only so many copies a lady needs, so I plan to pass one on myself as a gift this year. This book is best enjoyed with a stiff drink under big, luxurious blanket, so I'd pair it with this one.” - Kelsey miller


founder & curator of textiles & rarities at kneeland co.

"Darré is truly a one-of-a-kind interior designer who has a real artistic sensibility when it comes to his aesthetic and approach with design and decorating. I plan on gifting a copy of this to a friend who loves outrageously beautiful objects with a personality, and I think the perfect accompaniment would be this Stella McCartney Lips iPhone case. Why not make a bold statement in life?"- Joanna williams


mathematician & data genius

”I’ll be gifting this combination To an old friend who moved cross country.” - natalie coppa

owner & creative director at the ripped bodice

“to my girlfriends who have had a really tough year but somehow made it through and could use a delicious revenge fantasy.” - leah koch


tattoo artist & owner of discipline press


literary agent

“for a friend having a baby.” - monika woods

marketing guru

“Both are beautifully-crafted, personal, and, well, carry precious things!“ - Vanessa Bailey


illustrator & creator of cartoon network’s summer camp island

“I’ll gift to a friend, Sara Berman’s closet with homemade sesame cookies from a recipe in the back of the book.” - julia pott


Owner & founder of Haven’s Kitchen

“to my friend who just launched her own company” - Alison Cayne

Creative Director at catbird

“for my daughter” Leigh Plessner


Director & Writer & creator of “Search Party”

“I just worked with Louie on my show and he's so kind and funny. He gave me the book as a wrap gift and I've only read the first few pages but so far it reflects his kindness, inner wisdom and comedic genius.” - Sarah-voilet bliss


poet & founder of the Poem store

“This Christmas, I'll ask my mom to dive deep into healing and transformation.” - jacqueline suskin

Writer & film Producer

“I would gift to a friend, this wonderful book with this wonderful treat for the senses.” - Emily Ziff Griffin


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