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Le Sucre by Georges Conchon

Le Sucre by Georges Conchon


Tax Inspector Adrien Courtois is a late-adopter pharmacist, who soon has a pretty good heritage. To manage this nest egg, and sure of his experience, Adrien does not hesitate to retire. Eight months later, he finds himself ruined. Despite his competence, despite his professional mistrust, the unfortunate man was trapped in this huge sugar business - a hole of 66 billion - which, in 1974-1975, stirred the world of money. In this novel, we find the most cruel verve of The Wild State, with the sense of story that made the success of Love in the face. Like the hero, one can not detach oneself from the infernal gear of sugar.

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Language: French

Used book: Good Condition

Publisher: Editions Albin Michel

Publication date: 1977

Pages: 218

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