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Nina McNeely



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Is community important to you? Where do you find your kindred spirits?

Yes, very important. A strong community can create a safe place to experiment for an artist - a non judgmental atmosphere, a healthy dose of honest critique, and most of all love. Everything an artist needs to excel. I find my kindreds everywhere but many of them are dancers whom I absolutely adore, they inspire me daily.




Where do you find inspiration?  

In the spaces between.

photo credit:  Giovanna Trimble

photo credit: Giovanna Trimble

[Yoko is] fearless ... and I know I can be that too
if I just listen to her words and fly.


Who are your favorite female icons? Why?

Bjork, Wendy Carlos, Kathy Rose, Pina Bausch, and Isadora Duncan to name a few. They are magical beings, prolific, unafraid of taking risks, and the embodiment of pure creativity.


When did you first discover Yoko Ono?

My mother used to play her records when I was a kid. 


Has her work affected your work? If so, how?

When I feel pressured or paralyzed by the fear of judgment I look to unapologetic artists like Yoko. She’s fearless and her work is challenging, and I know I can be that too if I just listen to her words and fly.

Nina McNeely is an L.A based choreographer, director, visual artist and creative director whose work feels like a living lucid dream. She’s collaborated with artists such as Björk, Rihanna, Mø, Banks, Skrillex, Eve, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Dillon Francis to name a few. She is thrilled to have recently worked on her first feature with Gaspar Noé and the incredible cast of Climax. She is represented by Bloc Talent Agency and Maavven.

Photo provided by Giovanna Trimble

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