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Miya Folick


Smooth Vocalist

in partnership with GIRLSCHOOL for LAPhil




What’s on your playlist right now?

Andy Stavas, Big Thief, Bjork, Laura Nyro, Mary Lattimore, Donna Missal, Yoursmith, Barrie, K.Flay

I think that once we have strong communities, they will naturally support artists.



Where do you find inspiration?

From my friends, from books, from walks, from runs, from movies, from tv shows, newspapers, my parents, everywhere I guess. 



Who are your favorite female icons? Why?


My mom is my favorite female icon. She has always been her own woman. She doesn't laugh if it isn't funny. She doesn't smile if she's not glad. She always gives you an opinion if she has one. And, if she doesn't have an opinion, she is comfortable with her own silence. 

photo credit:  Jonny Marlow  // provided by  Sacks & Co

photo credit: Jonny Marlow // provided by Sacks & Co



When did you first discover Yoko Ono? / What grabs you about her work? / Has her work affected your work?

I feel like Yoko Ono is one of those people that I've just always known about. But I also feel like I will never stop discovering Yoko. Yoko has

done so much and will continue to do so much forever and ever.

Its honesty. Its ability to go to an absolute edge. If she's lonely, she will make a song that is absolutely, utterly lonely. I like that. It reminds me that we don't have to constantly carry the spectrum of human experience in our hearts. Sometimes, we can be one specific thing completely. 

Maybe! I don't know. It's hard to say because I don't think it's affected me directly, but it's possible that it has affected me through someone else that I'm inspired by who has been inspired by her work.  But, I think that this experience with Girlschool will bring her to the front of my mind. I imagine that what I make next will definitely be inspired by Yoko. 



How can community support artists? What do you think the community of the future looks like?

I think that communities should begin by supporting themselves. Communities barely exist at all. I think that once we have strong communities, they will naturally support artists.  

Miya Folick is a Los Angeles-based recording artist and performer. She first rose to public attention with her 2015 debut EP, Strange Darling, which drew praise from the likes of The New York Times and NPR, landed a featured spot in Netflix's hit show “13 Reasons Why,” and accumulated over 7 million Spotify streams to date.

Photo Credit: Jonny Marlow // provided by Sacks & Co

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