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Christina Henry de Tessan


Christina is the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Girl Friday Productions.
Here's why she reads. 


Girls At Library: Why do you read?

Christina Henry de Tessan: I read to escape, to learn, to relax, to stretch my imagination, to gain new insights, to challenge myself, to steep myself in beautiful language, to laugh, to feel less alone, to satisfy my curiosity. But I think the single most magical thing about books is the act of stepping into someone else’s life and immersing myself in their experience of the world, whether that puts me in war-torn Kabul or rural Idaho or Paris, in the mindset of a WWII spy, a Russian count, or a young woman coming of age in another era. There are many ways to experience a person’s life story, but books have an intimacy, power, and depth that I have never quite been able to replicate with any other medium.

GAL: What is your current favorite book? 


CHT:  I was most recently awed by Tara Westover’s Educated.