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A Language of Wolves by Elizabeth Brown

A Language of Wolves by Elizabeth Brown


There isn't much information available on Elizabeth Brown or this book but here I will write out the letter inside from her husband as it is a tribute to his wife, whom he wanted to honor her passion through this publication. 
In addition there are stains on the book and the quality is not pristine but the heart within the book is something that could inspire any of us to the possibilities of love. 

"In A Language of Wolves, I have put together my own favorites among Liz's poems: an editor's choice operating through a husband's love. The poems speak, as good poems should be allowed to, for themselves. Still, a few things can be said about my wife, a poet who died two years before her thirtieth birthday.
Right up until her death from cancer in October, 1974, Elizabeth was working toward a language of personal mythology. Her poems are at once concerned with her interior world and her sense of a mythic world of talimanic wolves, magical fertile gardens and symbolic herbwomen. At their best, her poems are intensely rapid openings into a reality which is both deeply personal and (dare I risk a term) archetypal. Her openings into her own experience occasionally come to resemble wounds: she dared to reveal herself, to plunge a metaphorical knife into her own experience, to review her recurring demons. To admit that she was a young poet, a student of craft and form is only to underscore my own sense of loss, the loss of a woman who spent months of arduous labor designing and hand-printing, letter by letter, more than seven hundred copies of the magazine, openspaces, and The Little Madness, my own first poems. Like Anais Nin, whom she studied and admired, Elizabeth personally created books, organically, from conception to binding."

Used book: Fair Condition

Publisher: The Laurel Press

Publication date: 1976

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