About women who read, for women who read.

Girls At Library (GAL) is an online journal that features engaging literary interviews with and book recommendations from remarkable, diverse women who share a passion for reading. A unique online resource for literature lovers, GAL invites the exchange of ideas, perspectives, and emotions that underscore what makes reading such a universal pursuit. The books one reads both shape the mind and reflect the soul: literature empowers, transports, and inspires. To this end, GAL promotes reading as a constructive and enriching act for everyone. Each interview offers keen insights, personal portraits, and an artful, intimate look inside the libraries of women from all walks of life.

Girls At Library was founded and created by Payton Cosell Turner and Eliza Wexelman in 2015.


Payton Turner is an artist, designer, and the co-founder of Flat Vernacular, a critically acclaimed wallpaper and fabric design studio. Payton is the creative director and CEO of Flat Vernacular, the author of coloring book Every Little Thing, and has worked in illustration, interior design, and brand consultation for private clients. The first book she picked out by herself from the bookstore was What Next, Baby Bear? by Jill Murphy. She launched GAL with co-founder Eliza Wexelman in 2015.

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Eliza Wexelman is a graphic designer who splits her time between work and further education in graphic design. Prior to relocating to Los Angeles, Eliza worked on the set of CBS’ hit detective show Blue Bloods in New York City among other television shows and movies. Her favorite book is The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell. Eliza firmly believes that books are her very best friends. She launched GAL with co-founder Payton Turner in 2015.

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